Inhale with us the fragrance of life, fragrance of belly dance!
Global Oriental Dance Association
           Oriental Belly Dance          
    It is female flow of the Earth
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Oriental Week-End
Oriental Belly Dance


Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Love, Joy & Holiday BASTET invites You, oh! The Excellent, under the vaults of her marquee, to let you, by means of Belly Dance, to open in yours whole magnificence, to delight by the magic Belly Dance School "BASTET" rhythms of Oriental Music & the life-asserting energy of the motions together.

Ňŕíĺö ćčâîňŕ

"Global oriental dance" - It’s a Land of the women’s energies.

“Global Oriental Dance” includes:
- Belly Dance School “BASTET”;
- Oriental Drums School "Global Beat School";
- “Trance Dances of the Consciousness” studio;
- Baby-School “HABIBY”;
- Oriental Tours.


International Festival
“Global Oriental Dance”

      Oriental Week-End
       Dancing Live!!

          All around the clock program!
24 hours non-stop!!!
concerts, show!

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Have being kept through the epochs, the Belly Dance revives in modern world together with the need of every woman to realize her own veritable nature, her own mystic role in Creation of the Universe. But this coincidence is not occasion, cause of exactly through this Dance, You can completely realize & revile Love, falling from the Heart of the Woman. It's just the way Woman lights the fire of admiration in Man's eyes, inspire him on achievements.

The Dance of Soul, by means of Body, (as the method of self-expression) makes feel yourself suffuse & ravishing. The false sense of shame to your own Body & the sadist wish of hiding, pumping, cutting your belly gradually changes with the holy trembling to the place, where the Life arises.

Belly Dance
At Our Lessons

Dance lessons will make your motions deserving the grace of the cat & the lissome of the snake.

You will make the acquaintance with the art of oriental drum playing, so called tabla.

Trance Dances will teach you to be gliding & relaxing, but the Taro Cards – wise & equable.

Dancing with different items ( stick, shawl, and dulcimer ) You will taste the colouring of oriental folk.

Aromomassage will make your Body dutiful & relaxing, but skin more tender & silk able.

You will be able to beautify yourself by exotic pictures of Henna Tattoo.

Here, on the Bastet’s Holiday, laying in embrace of smooth pillows, inhaling the tender aroma of orient grasses, eating the gifts of sunny summer & enjoying elegant dance, You will lightly be able to relive Your Divine Nature & realize Your Mystic Role in Universe Creation.

You will take care about yourself & live dancing, here!

Íŕ÷ŕëî ńňđŕíčöű

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